Chapter 1130

Nash just gave the man a quick look, showing his lack of interest. His expression did not change much. Melody's eyebrows were furrowed together, and she questioned with a frosty voice, "Finch, have you lost your mind?" She and Finch were only college classmates, and they did not even like each other back then. How could he dare say she was his wife and take over her villa without asking? "What's going on? Finch always talks about how important he is at home. Why does his wife seem to be the boss?" "You don't get it. No man is afraid of a woman. Finch just spoils his wife, that's all!" A bunch of people were whispering to each other, and Melody's face went from pale to flushed. Finch begged again quietly, "Melody, my dad and your dad were friends. Can't you help me out for their sake?" Melody did not hold back and slapped Finch hard on the face. Two of his teeth flew out. The people sitting at the table were shocked. Finch held his cheek, looking at Melody in disbelief. "Melo

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