Chapter 1131

Moments ago, they were all calling Finch by his name. Now, they were acting like they wanted to stomp him into the dirt. Melody looked at Finch with a cold stare. "Well? Aren't you leaving?" Finch slowly got up, holding his red, swollen face. "Melody, I won't forget this. I've never been hit before. You think you're still the untouchable rich woman you once were?" Melody's laugh was sharp with anger. "I'm still better off than a nobody like you. I've got shares in Universal Group worth 4 billion. What do you have?" Stone Group was not really bankrupt. Her dad was smart and sold his shares early, keeping nearly 50 billion for himself. After her dad's car accident, she wanted to use that money to save Stone Group, but she could not beat her powerful rivals. In his two years as chairman of Stone Group, he had even sent his own parents to jail. Looking at Finch, in his cheap clothes, it was clear he had not had a good time in Capiton. "Alright, alright, just you wait. I'll make you

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