Chapter 1133

Austin let out a sigh. "My eyes are acting up, and I'm seeing double. Why else would I have asked you to drive earlier?" Elsabeth immediately felt sorry for him and took the keys. "I'll drive!" Nash shifted his gaze from Austin and took the keys. "I can drive!" Austin stayed quiet. From his gaze, he was indeed causing Nash trouble. Melody and Elsabeth settled into the back seat, while Austin took the front passenger seat. Nash questioned, "What's 'the old place' you're talking about?" "Just type 'The Old Place' into your GPS. It's a bar's name!" Elsabeth replied. Nash typed 'The Old Place' into the GPS. 40 minutes later, Nash pulled up to a parking lot outside the ancient town of Phoenicia. Of all the ancient towns in Xanthalos, Phoenicia was the most renowned. He strolled to a bar named 'The Old Place'. The first floor was bustling with patrons enjoying their drinks. The second floor was reserved for dining. At the bar's entrance, there was a woman who looked to be about

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