Chapter 1134

Melody turned to Elsabeth with a warm smile. "Elsie, I can't thank you enough!" Elsabeth giggled. "Come on, we're like sisters! I owe you big time. If it weren't for you and the Stone family, I wouldn't be where I am today. My company's raking in over half a million each month!" Elsabeth had just finished college and was starting her own business when she met Melody. Her parents had sold their house to give her the money to start up. She was determined to make it big and return home a success. Luck was not on her side, though. She got a tough reality check when she put all her money into the stock market after trusting her cousin's advice. In less than a week, she lost it all. She hit rock bottom and even thought about jumping off the Xanthalos River Bridge. That was when she ran into Melody. They clicked instantly, like they had known each other forever. Melody did not think twice before giving Elsabeth two million to kick-start her business again. Elsabeth would never forge

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