Chapter 1135

Nash thought to himself approvingly. Austin had seemed a bit stuck-up before, but he was not pushy like other rich kids. Actually, he was quite low-key. He could tell from how Elsabeth had quietly introduced him to Melody that Austin did not usually show off about being a Kennedy. Tina turned to Nash and asked, "Nash, where do you work?" Nash replied, "I don't have a job." Tina's brows were slightly furrowed, "So, you're a scion?" Nash shook his head. "Nope, I'm not." A look of scorn crossed Tina's eyes. "So, you're living off Mel?" Nash was at a loss for words. "If that's what you think, sure." Melody had spent a lot of money on him in the past. It was almost like she had taken care of himself for some time. Tina did not want to deal with the guy who was living off a woman, so she turned to Melody and said, "Mel, I'm just three months older than you, but I've always seen you as my little sister. "When you pick a boyfriend, make sure he's someone who wants to do great th

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