Chapter 1136

Austin's expression darkened. "I’m Austin, from the Kennedys in Capiton!" He never wanted to reveal his true identity. However, it was impossible not to expose himself in the current situation. Perhaps Melody would be impressed with his identity? "The Kennedys in Capiton?" Dexter looked a little hesitant. Finch smiled contemptuously and interjected, "Austin Caleb Kennedy, the second-born illegitimate son of the Kennedys in Capiton. What a pity. I think the Kennedys wouldn’t even bat an eye if you died outside!" Finch had been living in Capiton for almost ten years. Although he never achieved much, he was quite familiar with how the Ten Families operated. Dexter immediately laughed after hearing Finch's words. "Ah, so he’s just an illegitimate child. Boy, I advise you to mind your own business. Otherwise, I'll beat you up till your own mom won't recognize you!" Austin's expression was gloomy. "Dexter, so you won’t even extend this courtesy to me anymore?" He thought he could sc

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