Chapter 1137

"Damn it, were you always so arrogant?" When Dexter saw that no one was greeting Spencer Eve, his face was instantly filled with anger. His ability to control the underground forces in Xanthalos was all thanks to Spencer. These people could disrespect him, but they should not disrespect Spencer. "Dexter, don't be rude!" Spencer gave Dexter a nonchalant glance and then sat at the head seat of the dinner table. Nash glanced sideways. He noticed that this guy was around 23 years old and had reached the early stage of the Profound Reality Realm. The two elders behind him were stage nine masters, only one step away from the Profound Reality Realm. Too weak! How boring! Nash continued to chat with Hera. "Mel… Long time no see!" Spencer smiled slightly. He had been practicing in Northdale all year round and had a renewed presence about him. "Indeed, it's been a long time since we last met... The little brat from back then has grown up!" Melody's face was expressionless. It had

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