Chapter 1141

Stefano and Winston looked surprised. Now they knew that Lazarus' grandfather was so powerful. Cosmos Cultivation and Eternal Spring Fist were highly regarded in Xanthalos, but the highest level of cultivation was the stage nine grandmaster level. Lazarus' grandfather had the strength of a stage seven grandmaster. Their eyes flickered. They had to establish a good relationship with Lazarus. In fact, Lazarus was not showing off how powerful his grandfather was. He only wanted to use his grandfather's power to reveal the evil coven. "Is your grandfather in Xanthalos? Can you take me to see him?" Forget anything else, but Nash was absolutely sure when it came to catching ghosts, exorcism, evil spirits, and curing diseases. Lazarus said excitedly, "Sure, Master Nash. Let me take you there right now!" After a two-hour drive, Lazarus led them to a place called Faircloud Village. This village was surrounded by mountains. Every household looked like a small building. Nash noticed

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