Chapter 1142

Nash squinted his eyes and asked, "You mean that Mr. Herera and Mr. Anders were bewitched?" Johnathan had once spoken of the ancient Warlock Clan to Nash. In ancient times, some people practiced the Path and some practiced witchcraft. Anyone could be a Path practitioner by will while witchcraft practitioners needed the blood of the Warlock Clan. In fact, most of them had Warlock Clan blood in their bodies. However, nine out of ten times, the blood had been diluted and contaminated. Only the ones with the purest warlock blood could practice witchcraft and become a true warlock. The ancient witchcraft culture had a long history and could be traced back to the beginning of time. To this day, warlocks still existed in some remote mountainous areas. Most of them were engaged in folk arts such as performing magic tricks and tarot reading. These were just the lowest level of witchcraft successors of the clan. Most of them became swindlers after just learning a few superficial techniq

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