Chapter 1143

Seymour thought, ‘My father will be saved today!’ Nash did not hold back. He just smiled and said, "Take me in to see your father!" "Master Nash, please come in..." Seymour quickly gestured to him to come in. He then asked his wife to make tea. In the luxurious living room, Seymour politely invited Nash to sit down. "Master Nash, please take a seat first. I'll go upstairs to get my father!" Nash sat on the couch. He glanced at Lazarus and the others who were standing and burst out laughing. He said, "We're all about the same age. Don't think of me as your senior. Just sit wherever you like!" Stefano and the others looked at each other before they dared to sit on the couch. About five minutes later, Seymour came down carrying an old man. He was tied up. The old man kept swinging his legs while whimpering. Seymour seated the old man on the couch, looked at Nash, and said, "Master Nash, please take a look. If I undo the ropes around him, my dad would jump around again!" Nash go

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