Chapter 1146

Atlas looked at Curtis with a half-smile. He felt the aura of a stage eight grandmaster in this guy. How could a stage eight grandmaster wear a golden robe? "Who are you to tell my master what to do?" Puck stared at Atlas coldly. "Huh? You think you can just come out here and cheat people?" Atlas, the eldest son of the Kennedys in Capiton, had been proud all his life. Why would he be scared of this little nobody? "Cheat? Open your eyes and see, my master is the Storm Crane of Northern Xanthalos, Curtis Vankemp!" Puck was like a mad dog whose tail had been stepped on as he roared with red eyes. Atlas slapped Puck in the face. Puck was just a stage five Energy Cultivation Realm expert. Atlas was in the Profound Reality realm. Even without the use of true energy, Puck was beaten badly. "You bastard, how dare you hit me..." Puck clenched his fist and thrust it toward Atlas' face. Nobody dared to disrespect him ever since he became Curtis’ follower. How dare this inexperienced

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