Chapter 1147

Curtis was confused. He thought, ‘He… He’s a Golden Amulet Master? Shit. I’m completely finished. I can forget about being in the Path from now on.’ Nash said calmly, "Take me to see Mr. Anders and the rest first!" His main purpose here was to save Anders and Zain. Whatever came next… was not important. Everett took Nash toward the tent. Atlas, on the other hand, used the name of Clear Dew Court to put pressure on the Xanthalos Path Association to ban Curtis indefinitely. The master and disciple supported each other and were about to leave. "Stop there…" Shannon's cold voice sounded. The master and disciple stopped. Shannon continued, "Return the deposit of 150,000 to us!" Puck turned around and said incoherently, "The deposit is non-refundable! That’s our rule!" Atlas cracked his neck, a bright smile appearing on his face. Puck shuddered. "Master… Master… Return the deposit to them quickly!" Curtis took out a bank card from his bag and threw it behind him. Shannon too

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