Chapter 1148

Anders personally opened a folding chair and offered Nash a seat. Zain recounted the situation in the tomb in detail. About a month ago, the Hex Bend Trench villagers discovered that a group of sneaky strangers had appeared in the village. They often asked the villagers about the Hex Bend Trench’s history and local folklore. The villagers were very wary at first, but the group generously distributed peanut oil and grains to the villagers. After receiving the benefits, the villagers lowered their guard with the group. Not long after, the group of strangers began to hide in the mountains and forests day and night. Therefore, some villagers called the Inspection Office. The Inspection Office believed that this group of strangers was a tomb-robbing gang, so they contacted the municipal archaeological team. That night, the municipal archaeological team came with several research experts overnight. They joined forces with the Inspection Office to drive away the tomb robbers. Severa

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