Chapter 1149

Zain smiled awkwardly and said nothing more. Shannon looked at Nash for a moment, then whispered in Everett's ear. Everett frowned slightly but soon relaxed. He looked at Nash and said, "I'll accompany Master Nash to the tomb!" Anders immediately knew that Everett was worried about Nash having covetous desires for the items in the tomb. He interjected unhappily, "Everett, the tomb is very dangerous. Mr. Herrera and I are staying back even though we have some protective skills, so you'd better not risk it!” Everett did not know Nash personally, but Anders knew him well. Zain lit the tobacco in his pipe again, took two puffs, and echoed, "Holmes, we know what you're worried about, but your worries are completely unnecessary. Mr. Calcraft used two billion to establish the first Archaeological Foundation of Drakonia!” As soon as these words came out, Everett looked at Nash in shock. Shannon's cheeks suddenly turned red. She was worried that Nash would covet the antiques in the tomb

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