Chapter 1150

Lazarus leaned closer to Nash nervously. "What is it? I don't seem to hear anything!" Nash shone his flashlight on the two-meter-tall bronze statue. The statue held an ax in both hands. He had a ferocious grin on his face. His eyes were as wide as bells. Just one look would make one's heart tremble. Nash looked into the statue's eyes, and a majestic voice suddenly came into his ears. "Kneel..." The voice was like thunder. Nash's energy and blood surged. The mental power in his mind almost collapsed. He used his true energy to resist this pressure. Spider-web-like cracks spread in all directions on the stone bricks underfoot. "My ass! Eight Desolate Crumbling Fist!" Nash gritted his teeth, clenched his fist, and punched out. The sonic explosion rang out and shook the entire tomb violently. Nash punched the bronze statue in the chest, and the statue slid five meters away from the ground. The majestic pressure dissipated immediately. Nash sneered. "That's it?" The statue s

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