Chapter 1151

The bronze statue's eyes ignited with flames, and the hand holding the ax tightened slightly. At the same time, an angry voice echoed in Nash's mind, "Kid, if I were still alive, a breath from me would disperse you into the winds in an instant!" Nash put his hands in his pockets and coldly snorted. "Anyone can act tough. If you're so capable, why don't you come back to life?" "Ahh, you infuriate me!" White smoke came shooting out from the statue's nostrils due to anger. Lazarus approached at that moment. The flames in the bronze statue's eyes gradually extinguished as he arrived. Lazarus knelt before the bronze statue and bowed. "I, a descendant of the Woods, a Warlock Clan, pay my respects to the Great Shaman!" A white light emanated from between the bronze statue's brows, enveloping Lazarus. In the next moment, a faint golden light emanated from his body. The voice of the bronze statue echoed throughout the underground palace, "Your bloodline is sufficiently pure. You just bare

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