Chapter 1152

The dean hung up the phone, leaving Everett struggling to accept reality. Was the dean planning to expel him? Was it wrong to protect cultural relics? Nash could not be bothered to communicate with the stubborn old man further. He simply took Atlas and the others and left. As they were planning to return to Faircloud Village, Winston received a call from home. "What? Grandpa got attacked?" "Brother, please come back quickly. Grandpa is in critical condition.” "Alright, I'll be back immediately..." Winston hung up the phone, forced a smile, and said, "Master Nash, I'll have to trouble you to ride with them. Something urgent has happened!” Nash had overheard the conversation between Winston and his sister just now. He simply said, "Let’s go see your grandfather. I have some medical skills. Maybe I can help.” "Thank you, Master Nash!" … Winston immediately drove toward Xanthalos. Sitting in the passenger seat, Atlas furrowed his brows and asked, "Isn't your grandfather the head

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