Chapter 1153

A doctor in scrubs walked out, removed his mask, and said regretfully, "I'm sorry, we've done our best!" "Grandpa…” As if struck by lightning, Wendy fell to the ground and wailed loudly. The apprentices from the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall were also in tears. The next moment, a nurse pushed out a stretcher. A white cloth covered the body that lay on top. Wendy's crying abruptly stopped as her eyes rolled back. She fainted. “Wendy!” The apprentices went pale with fright. At that moment, Nash and the others rushed out of the elevator. When Winston saw the white cloth over his grandfather, his vision blurred and he almost passed out. Atlas grabbed Winston's arm and comforted him softly, “Your grandfather will be fine. With my grandmaster here, he’ll be right as rain even if his soul is scattered.” Nash’s mouth twitched. "That's an exaggeration..." Winston kneeled before Nash and pleaded, "Master Nash, please save my grandfather…” Nash lifted the white cloth, revealing the old man'

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