Chapter 1154

Nash stepped aside and made way for Winston and the rest of the apprentices as they rushed in immediately. Upon seeing his grandfather lying on the emergency table with his eyes open, Winston burst into tears and called out, "Grandpa!" The apprentices from the martial arts hall were also overcome with emotion, tears of joy streaming down their faces as they wiped them away. It was only then that Waldo realized he was still alive and wiped away his tears. Regaining his former dignified demeanor, he called out to Winston to fetch him some clothes. "Winston, you stay here with the master. I'll go buy some clothes!" said one of the apprentices before he hurriedly left the emergency room. The doctor at the door stood there dumbfounded. He looked at Nash in disbelief and muttered incredulously, "You... really revived Mr. Giles?" "I sure did," Nash replied casually, hands shoved in his pocket. His entire demeanor was as if he had not done something significant. The attending doctor an

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