Chapter 1155

The Freeman family's use of deadly force during challenges went against the principles of martial ethics. "Dr. Calcraft, you've only recently arrived in Xanthalos, right?" Waldo glanced at Nash with a puzzled expression. "I just got here yesterday." Nash nodded in confirmation. "No wonder you’re unfamiliar with the Freeman family's character," Waldo muttered as if struck by an epiphany. He sighed as he explained, "Ever since the four Freeman elders broke through to the Mystique Loyalty Realm, the entire martial arts community in Xanthalos has fallen under their influence. "Over the years, the Freeman family has grown rapidly. They now resort to rather dirty tactics. Most martial arts halls don't want to associate with them. So, the Freeman family has resorted to challenging them to force them to join the Freeman Martial Alliance that they've established." "Do they not fear the repercussions from the National Martial Bureau?" Nash's brows furrowed slightly, a hint of coldness fl

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