Chapter 1156

The group moved to the hall, and Waldo asked Winston to bring out his cherished tea leaves to host Nash. Then, he went to his room and fetched a bank card. "Dr. Calcraft, there's 35 million dollars in this card. You must accept it!" "35 million?" Wendy’s eyes widened. "Grandpa, this is all your assets!" Without this money, her and her brothers' living standards would decline significantly. "Wendy, money can be earned again, but Dr. Calcraft just brought our grandfather back from the brink of death. That’s not something that can be measured with money,” Winston scolded Wendy as he placed the brewed tea in front of Nash. He usually indulged his sister, but at this moment, he could not help but frown at her behavior. Wendy felt extremely wronged. Of course, she knew her grandfather's life was more important than money. However, she had never seen medical treatment that cost so much. Nash accepted the bank card without hesitation but still frowned and asked, "Why do you only have 35

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