Chapter 1157

Waldo's eyes turned red, his fists clenched tightly. "Don't I? Of course, I do! Recently, at least ten masters have died in their hands, and dozens of martial arts halls have closed because of them..." His hands loosened as he sighed bitterly suddenly. Smiling wryly, Waldo said, "But the Freeman family has too many martial artists. They also have four Mystique Loyalty Realm powerhouses!" Waldo guessed that Nash should also be a martial artist. However, considering his age and adeptness in medical skills, he did not think Nash was all that powerful. Sensing Waldo's concerns, Nash simply said, "Since I've accepted your tea leaves, I'll handle this matter to the end." His calm tone carried full confidence. Waldo looked at Nash again but found himself unable to see through him. At this moment, a senior dressed in a traditional suit rushed in while exclaiming in amazement, "Master Giles, word is true. You aren’t dead..." Waldo stood up with a smile and welcomed him with a gesture of r

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