Chapter 1158

Henry's heart was pounding as he recalled the time the Freeman family's people came to the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall to challenge them. He had been there and saw Waldo get beaten to the brink of death. After the establishment of the Freeman Martial Alliance, some of his old friends succumbed to the Freeman family's dominance. Waldo's refusal to yield inspired admiration in him. He had wanted to accompany Waldo to the hospital but was worried that the Freeman family's people would go to his hall. Thus, he returned to his hall to guard it. Even if it meant risking his own life, he would protect the kids there from being bullied. 20 minutes ago, he received a call from Wendy, saying that Waldo had been discharged from the hospital after being treated. He thought the young lady was joking with him, but after calling the hospital director, he learned that it was true. Hence, he rushed over as fast as he could. When he saw that Waldo was indeed alive, he was very happy. He thought so

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