Chapter 1159

Atlas came up to Nash and said, "Lazarus is currently treating his grandfather. He probably won't come until later.” Nash just nodded in reply. Thibault's symptoms were not difficult to treat. All that was required was the extra soul to be extracted from his body. With Lazarus' ability, he would be done in the blink of an eye. The reason Nash had not helped Thibault was because he suspected that the extra soul was related to witchcraft. He speculated that Thibault had also gained the warlock’s inheritance from the Great Shaman when he entered the ancient tomb. For some reason, however, his body was rejecting it. Lazarus should have found a way to help his grandfather integrate the extra soul considering he had also gained the complete legacy. The Cosmos Martial Arts Hall set up eight tables for their lunch banquet. Under Waldo's command, it took them only about an hour. Most of the attendees were apprentices from the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall, with a small number being core memb

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