Chapter 1160

Waldo looked at Emmet with sympathy. Though he felt sympathy, there was inexplicable envy in his heart. After all, Emmet had a child of his own flesh and blood. Meanwhile, Waldo had never even married in his entire life. After hearing what Waldo said, Nash could practically confirm that Xyler was Emmet's son. He did not expect Xyler to have not contacted his family even once in ten-plus years just to protect them and the country. It was probably to avoid worrying his family. He might also not want to boast about his achievements. After a moment of silence, Nash decided to give Emmet some information about Xyler. At least, it could put his mind at ease. "Master Meyer, I met Xyler not long ago. He's doing well in the Northern Territory!" "The Northern Territory?” “Did Xyler join the army?” The people present were not fools. They immediately thought of the North Army at the mention of the Northern Territory. The fact that Nash, a Mystique Loyalty Realm expert, had said that Xyler w

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