Chapter 1162

Atlas smiled, saying nothing. He wondered how they would feel when they knew Melody was Nash's follower. Atlas scrolled through his phone and realized that a large number of Fulcrum Group’s top executives had gotten into scandals. Even core executives openly reported the president, Saul Eve's, dark history. "It’s no wonder she’s a powerful woman. She's ruthless and stunning." Atlas lightly sipped his wine. Fulcrum Group’s share price was previously at 36 bucks and plummeted to 15 bucks in just one day. It was a devastating blow. He suddenly admired this woman. Perhaps only someone like Nash could match such an outstanding businesswoman. "Winston, should we sell the shares? If the price keeps dropping, I'll be left with nothing!" Stefano was on the verge of tears. Despite his flashy appearance, he had invested his entire three million into the stock market. "I... I... I don't know!" Winston was also heartbroken. He scratched his head in hesitation. After pondering for a moment, A

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