Chapter 1163

However, just as Benjamin was hosting a celebration banquet for the chubby grandmaster, a member of the alliance reported that Waldo was safe and sound. He was hosting a feast at the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall. Benjamin was furious and personally led several experts to investigate. To his surprise, Waldo was not only unharmed but also slightly tipsy from drinking. "I... I really don't know what happened, sir..." The chubby grandmaster covered his face, looking at Waldo as if he was looking at a ghost. Benjamin squinted at Nash, who was seated in the main seat. Who was this person? How could someone so young sit at the elders' table, let alone in the main seat? He did not emanate any fluctuation of true energy and felt like an ordinary person. Could he be an official? Benjamin felt a bit uneasy but quickly calmed himself. Even if he were an official, so what? The Freeman Martial Alliance had the support of the National Martial Bureau. Even if the governor were here, they would still

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