Chapter 1164

Atlas was also a man with a temper. Just a casual mention of his identity was enough to crush this fat old man. Moreover, this guy was just a grandmaster. He probably would not be able to withstand a slap from himself. "The Kennedy family from Capiton? Are they very powerful?" The chubby old man scratched his head somewhat unconfidently. Benjamin just smirked disdainfully. "The Kennedy family that's among the Ten Families in Capiton?" Atlas clasped his hands behind his back and replied, "Exactly." Benjamin burst into laughter. "I can forgive you for your arrogance, but if you insist on being stubborn, then even your family won't be able to save you!" Orders from his leader had stated that they could trample on anyone as long as they were not from the top three of the Ten Families of Capiton. Currently, the Freeman family had four Mystique Loyalty Realm experts, which would be enough to push their rank to the top five of Capiton. Atlas frowned. "You're pretending to be tough despi

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