Chapter 1165

Growing up in the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall, Wendy naturally grew to admire strong individuals. A person who could defeat a grandmaster with a single slap was her dream man. Atlas glanced at Wendy and said, "My master is 10,000 times more powerful than me. Do you still dare to underestimate him?" Such trivial matters were beneath the notice of someone like his master. "Oh, is your master really that powerful? You're all so handsome!" Wendy stared at Atlas, her face flushing. She was completely oblivious to the meaning behind his words. "You’re young and lack martial ethics! You attacked an 80-year-old man!" Morter struggled to his feet, surprised by the speed of this seemingly inexperienced youngster. Hindered by the Kennedys’ status in Capiton, he dared not use his full strength. Spitting out a mouthful of blood and three broken teeth, he indignantly declared, "You little brat, I was careless just now. But I won't go easy on you now!" Behind him, Benjamin’s hands clenched slightl

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