Chapter 1166

Was Atlas getting bought over by the Freeman Martial Alliance? 300 million! Perhaps not many people could refuse such temptation. At the very least, they would not be able to earn that amount in their lifetime. Winston's and Stefano's faces turned pale. They could not even look directly at Atlas. Wendy also started to feel nervous. If Atlas were to agree, then his image would plummet in her eyes. Benjamin smiled slightly. "That's right, 300 million. We'll also build a villa for you in the most luxurious area in Xanthalos and buy you the most luxurious limited-edition sports car!" Atlas smiled widely, but what left his mouth in response were curses. "You big idiot, why don’t you go find out if the Kennedy family lacks money? My family donates billions to charity every year. You’re a grown-up, but how are you this stupid? You idiot!" The place fell into a dead silence again. It was a familiar scene. Nash had also teased Benjamin like this just now. Was Atlas copying him? Unable to

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