Chapter 1172

“Who are you?” Nash stuffed both hands into his pockets, a confused look settling across his features. Why did it seem like this man was berating him? Robert hurried forth to introduce them. “This is the supervisor of the Martial Arts Association Headquarters, Mr. Nash. He’s in charge of supervising all the martial arts associations in all nine states!” “Oh?” Nash gave Hendrix a bemused look. Hendrix did not wait to see if Nash had anything else to say before he said in a low voice, “I know what questions you have, Mr. Nash. Please spare me some of your time for a conversation!” Robert led the two to the martial arts hall's pantry, where he brewed them a pot of tea before tactfully leaving them alone. Hendrix did not bother beating about the bush and cut straight to the chase. “Something is going on at the National Martial Bureau. The bureau head has gone missing. Meanwhile, the Third Elder has joined forces with the Fourth and Fifth Elders to assist several martial fam

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