Chapter 1173

Hendrix rubbed his nose slightly. “No, I’m sure you’ll be interested. We have information on Wyatt Young’s descendants!” Nash’s grip on his teacup tightened slightly upon hearing that. He had seen the name ‘Wyatt Young’ in the Young Gardens previously. That was one of his father’s brothers. Hendrix smiled slightly. “Wyatt is your father’s younger brother. This is information that is only available to members of the Divine Strategy Squadron!” Nash continued sipping on his tea. “Well, if you know that I grew up on Tili Mountain, you should also know that I’m not particularly attached to the Young family!” Hendrix drew in a deep breath and leaned toward Nash before he said in a low voice, “What if I told you that the Church of the Netherworld was involved in your father's infection by parasitic poison, the sudden changes in the National Martial Bureau, and even the Young family’s destruction?” Nash’s eyes widened slightly as waves of emotion washed over him. Hendrix had only

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