Chapter 1174

“W-Winston, look. That beautiful woman looks like Melody Stone. She’s my idol. Quick, go get her autograph for me!” Wendy was so excited she nearly began jumping up and down. She did not chase after any celebrities, but that did not mean she did not have any idols. Ever since she could remember, she had sworn to become like Melody after she grew up. Now, she was so excited to see her idol in person that she nearly began crying. “Remove the words ‘looks like’ from your sentence. That is Melody Stone… I never imagined she and Mr. Calcraft to be friends!” A look that was equal parts envy and admiration appeared in Winston’s eyes. Wendy dashed over, unable to wait any longer. She was determined to get her idol’s signature today, no matter what it took. If permissible, she would like to get a photo with her as well. Naturally, Melody noticed Wendy running over, and she also heard Wendy exclaim that she wanted her autograph. She looked at the rearview mirror and glanced at

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