Chapter 1183

Nash had decided to wipe out the Freemans even if he did not receive any official support. This decision was motivated not only by Nash's desire to seek revenge for Melody but also for the hundreds of apprentices of the Meyers' martial arts hall and the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall. The weak were prey for the strong. This was how the world worked. Without power, one would always be the prey. Power was everything. "The killer's name is Arthur Freeman, son of Benjamin Freeman and grandson of Harold Freeman. He's exceptionally skilled, and word has it that he reached the Profound Reality Realm at just 25. "He continued his training for another ten years and is now a Mystique Loyalty Realm martial artist. He's a truly rare martial arts prodigy!" Hendrix briefly introduced Arthur. Nash replied nonchalantly, "So what?" Hendrix grinned and said, "Hey, I'm just letting you know who you're dealing with. That's all. I thought you'd find this information useful." "Uh-huh. More like you can'

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