Chapter 1182

Wendy's neck bone was completely shattered, and her skull was severely damaged. She should have died instantly. However, strangely enough, she was still alive. Holding her in his arms, Nash was about to heal her with soul energy when he realized that her skull injuries were rapidly recovering. "What..." Using his Third Eye once again, Nash grimaced when he saw Wendy's brain squirm about while recovering on its own. Self-heal—an ability possessed by every living organism. If a normal person were to cut their finger, they would usually take ten days to a month to heal. For a martial artist, this process would only take about three days. The higher the cultivation level, the faster the speed of recovery. As a martial artist who had attained the Mystique Loyalty Realm, this process would only take Nash a few hours. Moreover, Nash's body had been modified by dragon blood, thus further enhancing his self-healing ability. For that reason, even minor injuries could be healed almost

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