Chapter 1185

Nash also got a text message from Sienna asking him to play games with her. Nash replied that he was busy, and Sienna replied with a crying emoji. Nash did not bother to reply to Hera either. Hearing a sound from afar, Nash got up and decided to check on the situation. Just as he stepped out of the room, Wendy exclaimed, "Nash..." Nash stopped abruptly and used his Third Eye to examine her brain. Her brain had fully recovered, with trillions of neurons connected like a web. Nash was still finding it hard to believe. He did not think his brain would be able to recover if he were to suffer this kind of injury, even if he was a Mystique Loyalty Realm martial artist—not to mention his blood of dragon origin. "How are you feeling?" Nash kneeled in front of the couch and started taking Wendy's pulse. Wendy shook her head and stared at him anxiously with pursed lips. Suddenly, she hugged him tightly around the neck and burst into tears. "I had a horrible nightmare... I dreamed tha

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