Chapter 1186

Melody only glanced at Nash, but she already felt the heat building up in her cheeks. She quickly shifted her gaze to the steering wheel. Climbing into the back seat, Nash immediately noticed a faint smell of blood. He blurted out, "What did you do, Melody?" Melody replied nonchalantly, "I found out that my driver was an Eve, so I beat him up." Recounting the memory where the driver had shot him a weird look, Nash understood. He said, "Not bad! I didn't expect you to find out about him so soon." Melody looked at Nash through the rearview mirror but once again shifted her gaze quickly as she said, "I had a hunch that something was wrong about him during his job interview. I even deliberately gave him some incorrect information. I knew he'd report it to the Eves." Nash smiled. He dropped the topic and addressed the elephant in the room, "What happened to Tina's father?" After a brief hesitation, Melody pursed her lips and answered uncomfortably, "I think her dad's possessed by an e

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