Chapter 1187

Tina frowned slightly. Her grandfather had always been a good-tempered person. He treated her friends like his own grandchildren. What was up with him today? "They're all liars! Make them go away!" Tina's grandfather grabbed a stick by the wall and walked toward them. His steps were agile and mighty, nothing like a man his age. Tina looked anxiously at Nash and said, "Grandpa wasn't like this before. Is he being possessed too?" Nash turned and told Melody, "Use your Lion's Roar to make the evil spirit leave his body!" Melody shook her head and exclaimed, "No way! It'll ruin my image!" Feeling speechless, Nash rolled his eyes at her and said, "This is the perfect time for you to use your skills! Don't let them go to waste!" Seeing Tina's grandfather approaching, Melody knew she had no choice. She gathered her energy and shouted, "Get out!!!" Sonic waves emanated from her mouth. However, Tina's grandfather only stopped briefly before continuing to head toward them. Nash sne

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