Chapter 1188

"So you're telling me you randomly picked someone to possess?!" Nash shouted angrily while simultaneously creating a force field with an energy level at the Mystique Loyalty Realm. Only Genii disciples from the Northeast could agree to have their bodies possessed by zoomorphic deities. If an ordinary person were to get possessed, they would no doubt suffer side effects. In mild cases, the person would have a fever or fall into a coma. In serious cases, however, the person's soul and body might be disintegrated. By randomly possessing an ordinary man, this indicated that the weasel had completely disregarded the value of human life. That was a great sin. Feeling the terrifying force emanating from Nash, the weasel shook violently in fear and collapsed to the ground while pleading, "I was wrong, Master Nash! I swear I won't do it again. Please spare my life!" It took 500 years of training for a zoomorphic deity to transform into a man. That was a very long time, and the weasel si

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