Chapter 1189

Following the explosion, the windows that were shattered earlier by Melody's Lion Roar turned into dust. Nash's energy churned inside him as he quickly used his Third Eye. He was just in time to see a figure dressed in a cotton jacket vanishing in the sky. Tina and Elsabeth were shocked beyond words, whereas Austin swallowed hard. Tina's grandfather sat on the ground, dumbfounded. Only Melody maintained a calm expression. "What was that?" "An air raid?" Tina's mother left the compound hurriedly. Elsabeth swallowed and said, "I never knew Nash was so powerful." She tugged at Austin's sleeve and continued, "I'm guessing the strongest martial artist in your family is this powerful, too?" Austin quickly shook his head and replied, "Not even close!" Hearing his answer, Elsabeth breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I see. Well, the Kennedys are one of the elite families, after all. But I'm sure Nash will be as powerful as your strongest martial artist once he reaches that age!" A

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