Chapter 1190

Nash replied calmly, "I can ask my wife to worship you if you want!" Nash had been wanting to teach Hera cultivation techniques for some time. However, Hera was simply not fit for any form of martial arts training. It was almost impossible for people like her to cultivate, even if she took a Marrow Pill that was said to enhance one's physical body. However, if Hera had some form of divine connection, she could worship the zoomorphic deity and receive protection from them in return. As for issues relating to her aging and demise, these would hardly be a problem since Nash was a highly skilled pill refiner. Nash was skilled in refining all sorts of pills, including ones that would increase her lifespan. What if she was worried about her appearance when she got old? In that case, Nash would just have to concoct an Elixir of Youth. It was nothing he could not handle. Hearing his words, the weasel exclaimed, "Oh my! Of course, I'm willing to! I'll protect her with my life!" Nash s

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