Chapter 1192

Yellow Crane trembled all over. Then, he looked at Dimitri with sympathy. He was afraid that the poor man did not know what he would be facing. Nash was a Golden Amulet Master. He was the nemesis of evil practitioners, the peak of Path takers. "If you're not going to do this the easy way, we'll have to do it the hard way!" Nash snorted coldly and grabbed Dimitri. Like a soul leaving the body, an elusive figure separated from Dimitri's body. Nash grabbed the Living Soul by the neck and squeezed lightly. The Living Soul was on the brink of collapse. "I was wrong, so wrong…Please forgive me, sir..." The Living Soul's face was filled with fear. How could this young man be so powerful? He was actually able to forcefully pull itself out of the host's body with no spells or props used. Except for Yellow Crane, no one else could see this Living Soul. Nash asked calmly, "Any objections?" The Living Soul's head shook like a rattle. "No, no, I don't dare to have any objections!" Na

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