Chapter 1193

The trunks and back seats of two cars were packed to the brim. Just when they got out, three Bentleys gathered around. A group of young and middle-aged people wearing extravagant clothes got out of the vehicles. Four of the young men held baseball bats in their hands. Tina's expression darkened. "Hamish, Cindel!" "Tina, your family is so daring. How dare you dig up my ancestor’s grave?!" a young man holding a baseball bat said coldly. The Borley family was considered 'new money' wealthy in Xanthalos. Their family's assets were worth nearly two billion. The one who spoke was Hamish Borley. He was in his 30s and the owner of an e-commerce company. After three days of investigation, the family finally found out who dug their ancestor’s grave. The Borleys' goal was never to cause trouble, but they were not afraid of it either. Who could bear having their ancestor's grave dug up? Tina's pupils shrank slightly. She did not expect that grave to turn out to be the Borleys' ancestra

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