Chapter 1194

Melody appeared in front of Cindel in a flash. She lifted her hand and slapped Cindel to the ground. "You bitch, you're looking for death..." Hamish waved his bat and rushed toward Melody. "Hamish, stop!" Cindel shouted loudly. "She's a martial artist. You can't beat her!" Hamish gritted his teeth. His eyes were scarlet. "So what if she’s a martial artist? There are martial artists in the Borleys too!" At this time, Whitebeard came flying over. He covered a distance of a few hundred meters in an instant. Austin just saw Whitebeard fighting Ivan. Now that Whitebeard was here, Ivan had likely lost the fight and was in danger. He panicked and ran toward Ivan. Whitebeard stared at Melody and said, "You dare to take action even in the early stage of the Profound Reality Realm. Do you really think that no one can teach you a lesson?" After saying that, he slapped Melody. Melody was about to fight back but found that the true energy in her body was suppressed. Nash appeared in fr

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