Chapter 1195

"What a load of rubbish!" Whitebeard sneered. Nash slapped Whitebeard in the face. His mouth and nose were bleeding. Several of his teeth even flew out. The Borleys trembled slightly. Nash glanced at Whitebeard and asked casually, "Was I talking to you?" Whitebeard gritted his teeth but was helpless. He secretly vowed to kill this little bastard when he joined the Southern Martial Alliance. Cindel took a deep breath. "Why should we believe you?" Nash turned to look at the villa. Yellow Crane quickly walked to him with his hands behind his back. With an angry look on his face, he stared at one of the men and shouted, "Who are you to Iron Will Borley?" The middle-aged man trembled all over. His eyes widened as he hesitated, "I… I am his great-grandson!" Iron Will Borley was his great-grandfather's nickname. Except for members of the family, it was impossible for outsiders to know. Yellow Crane said angrily, "Iron Will Borley is my great-grandson. I'm Greg Borley, your ancestor

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