Chapter 1196

Dammeet was an atheist. However, what happened today had subverted his worldview. The ancestor who had been dead for more than 80 years still had his soul. Greg waved his hand and said, "Let's let this matter go. Please ask Master Nash to help me move my grave. Otherwise, I'll be a lost soul forever!" Dammeet agreed immediately. The dark clouds gradually dispersed. Greg returned to Yellow Crane's body. Yellow Crane was a spirit vessel. He was not afraid of sunlight and could accommodate living souls. Nash made another array. He flicked several flames to ignite the light spark above the Borleys’ heads. These were little Path tricks, which he mastered when he was eight years old. However, blocking out the sky and the sun was a high-level Path technique, which could only be used if one had reached the Mystique Loyalty realm. Everyone in the Borleys stood up and looked at Dammeet. Dammeet responded solemnly, "Let's solve this matter according to this young gentleman's solution!"

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