Chapter 1197

"Mom, he’s already a father!" Tina blushed and hushed her mother. Thelma chuckled awkwardly. "Perhaps you don’t have a lover?" Elsabeth could not hold back and spit out her soft drink. Tina looked at her mother in bewilderment. "Mom, do you know what you're talking about?" Thelma was offering Tina to be Nash’s lover? Gosh! All principles and values were completely shattered. She secretly glanced at Melody and found that her expression seemed a little stiff. A bold idea suddenly came to her mind. Could Melody be Nash's lover? She did not believe that Nash was immune to a peerless beauty like Melody. Tina suddenly felt a little sad. Perhaps she could not even qualify to be Nash's secret lover. Monroe glanced at his daughter-in-law in displeasure. "Don't talk at mealtimes. If you can't find the right things to say, speak less!" Suggesting his precious granddaughter to be another man's secret lover was simply ruining the family tradition. Terrence nodded. "Exactly! My sist

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