Chapter 1198

"Ugh. Golden whatever master..." Melody muttered and then slammed her foot on the accelerator. The car sped forward quickly. Yellow Crane was so frightened that he curled up on the car seat. His two chubby little hands clung to the car seat. As they entered the city, Melody looked at Nash through the rearview mirror and asked, "To the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall or home?" Nash lifted his head. She immediately withdrew her gaze and looked forward. Her face was slightly red. Since last night, the charming scene from last night kept crossing her mind when she looked at Nash. They pulled the brakes in the end, but they had basically done everything they needed to do—except penetrating the last veil. "Let's go home. Eric and the others will arrive later!" Nash took out his mobile phone and dialed Eric's number. Eric's phone was turned off. He should be on the plane at this moment. He called Hendrix. "Mr. Nash..." "How are Winston and Wendy doing now?" "They're still quite sad. It'

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