Chapter 1199

Harold glanced at his grandson with relief. After confirming that Arthur had the strength of the Mystique Loyalty Realm, the pain of losing his son was relieved a little. "I’m glad you’re home. I’m so glad!" "Second Master, Third Master, Fourth Master, greetings!" Arthur bowed and said hello to the other three elders. The three of them nodded expressionlessly. They were not jealous because the eldest grandson was gifted. On the contrary, if the Freemans could produce a genius, they would be happier than anyone else. If their sons had not died just now, they would definitely be laughing to high heavens right now. … Back at Freeman Villa, Harold immediately held a family meeting. In the luxurious conference room, four elaborately carved sandalwood grand chairs were placed in front. On both sides were regular office chairs. Harold took a sip of tea and then asked slowly, "Tell me, who dares to kill my son!" Arthur explained everything he learned and finally mentioned that he mas

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