Chapter 1200

"Hello Master, my name is Yellow Crane. I'm a weasel, and I'm also the future guardian angel of Master Nash and his wife!" Yellow Crane quickly announced his identity. The aura of this priest was no less than that of Nash. He looked like a high-level priest at first glance. "The Light guides!" Jaxon politely saluted and recited a Mythism prayer. He then walked to the couch and sat cross-legged. Felicity circled around Yellow Crane. "Weasel? Why should I believe you?" Yellow Crane saw that Felicity was just a weakling and immediately frowned. "It's up to you if you believe me or not. Do I have to beg you to believe me?" With that, Felicity turned to Nash and said, "Nash, he’s mean to me!" Were they close? Yellow Crane trembled and smiled to flatter her. “Miss, how could I be mean to you? You're so beautiful. I couldn't bear to do that to you!" "Hmph, fine! You sure can talk well!" Felicity snorted and then sat next to Nash, holding his arm affectionately. "Nash, is this man r

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